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Prisi0n3r0 is ready for the Fortnite World Cup

POSTED BY TeamQueso 23/07/2019

Ramón Mateu, better known as Prisi0n3r0, is putting the finishing touches before heading to New York to participate in the largest eSports tournament to date.


The Fortnite World Cup final begins this Friday! It will take place in New York and the best Fortnite players in the world will be there. Prisi0n3r0 will be among them, representing Team Queso and Spain, fighting to become the Fortnite world champion, and you will be able to watch it on Team Queso’s Twitch channel:


At the Arthur Ashe Stadium, where the U.S. Open Tennis Final is usually held, they have prepared what will undoubtedly be one of the biggest video game events in history. On Friday the 26th, the Fortnite World Cup will begin with the Creative tournament, on Saturday the Duos tournament will take place and on Sunday, the Solo one, in which Prisi0n3r0 will compete. Not only that, but also there will be numerous parallel events and shows with guests. Three days of partying and competition for all eSports fans.


Prisi0n3r0’s turn will be on Sunday at 19:00 CEST (Spain time), when the solo tournament will begin, and he will have to compete against the likes of Tfue or Stompy. The final will be made up of 6 games in total, during which it will be possible to score points both by eliminating opponents and depending on the finishing position (as in the qualifiers). After six games, the one who has scored the most points will be the champion and will get the 3 million dollars prize.


Prisi0n3r0 is prepared and hopes that his performance during the World Cup will be nothing short of incredible, after a year of hard work this is a great opportunity and he will give his all. Team Queso has no doubt that he can rise above all his opponents and emerge as world champion.


You will have more information on Team Queso’s social media and if you want to take a look at how Prisi0n3r0 is doing just before the final, you can see it on these links. A new video will be uploaded every day on the team’s Twitter.

Team Queso also doesn’t want to forget about Clynt, Patata, Naranjito and Zohaan, the teammates who tried until the last day and sometimes were extremely close to qualifying, Lucas as a tireless coach, analysts, psychologists and ultimately each person who has helped Team Queso to enjoy moments like this, including sponsors Telepizza, Razer and Legion. 


Get your cheese emotes ready in the chat and pay close attention to Team Queso’s social media if you don’t want to miss a single detail of the Fortnite World Cup.


See you in New York!