Presenting two new players in our Clash Royale Team

Presenting two new players in our Clash Royale Team

Today we’re going a step further in our short history, with the signing for our Clash Royale team of two well-known players that, in fact, do not need a presentation.

First of them is Surgical Goblin, a Dutch player with a remarkable track record who is difficult to beat in the game. He is completely focused on tournaments and events, so you can see him always training. Among his awesome achievements we can find having won the most important European tournament currently, the ESWC Winter 2017, winning all the Bo5 rounds, subchampion of the ESWC Autumn 2016 during Paris Games Week, captain of the Dutch national team that arrived to quarter finals in the recently played World Clash League.

Second, but not least, Marcelp, a new incorporation from the American continent probably known by all of you, because of achievements like Super Magical Cup champion, winner of CRNAO Arena Duels, winner of Royale Trio Conquest by CRL, member of the US Virgin Islands that won the World Clash League, giving his team the victory during the tie break and where he was appointed as MVP of the tournament. He has also won 300.000 challenge cards and has reached the 2nd worldwide position in ladder while playing for Reddit Alpha.

We are very excited to have them in the team and willing to learn and enjoy the play of these two pro players and, of course, share it with you. Don’t forget to follow them in their social media.

Welcome on board!:cheese: