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Team Queso finishes 1st after a great run in PMPL


The experience from Axeel, Marco and Ayala, along with Gabo and Zoka, and the newcomers Nitsu and Rema, were the perfect mix to become the new champions of the PUBG Mobile Pro League Latam 2021, and qualify to PMPL Americas that will be played June 17 to 20.


After two matches of the finals on the top spot, Furious Gaming went on fire and got some great results pushing Team Queso to the 2nd position, with a difference of more than 15 points.


The last game was epic, it was time to start using the calculator. The fall of Furious game during the early game gave our players a chance, but the zone did not play in favour of the cheeses. Firing started in mid game, they were able to be accurate and get some kills, all the while counting each point they needed.


The turning point was Axeel’s kill that left Buluc Chabtan in 3rd position, and with a total of 11 eliminations in the game, Team Queso managed to pick up the top spot in the table by only 2 points of difference.


Congratulations to all the players and the coaches for a great tournament and we will see you soon for more chicken dinners!