Our Partners


The Razer triple-headed snake logo is one of the world’s most recognized brands within the gaming and eSports communities. The company has a fan community that spans all continents, having designed and developed the largest global gamer ecosystem of hardware, software and services.

We, Team Queso, are very happy to be working with them and their Razer Phone to play our competitions at the highest level.


Gamerswalk is a platform developed by a Spanish start-up based in Galicia that seeks to optimise the streaming experience. Do not hesitate to visit their website www.gamerswalk.com and enjoy all the live streams of our players and Staff! There you can answer questions and earn virtual currency while enjoying your favourite streamer. We would like to thank Gamerswalk for being the first company that has trusted us and for their willingness to help us in every way.


We are proud to count on the collaboration of brands such as Brillante, a well-known Spanish company of instant rice. Their commitment to eSports makes us share the same vision of this sector as the leading entertainment platform in the future.

SuperEvil Megacorp

We are proud of having as a partner one of the most successful mobile videogame publisher companies. Their belief in mobile as the future of entertainment is the same that we share at Team Queso and that’s why we love their first game, the MOBA Vainglory.