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This friday at 18 pm we will enjoy the first stop of One Tap League, the new CS:GO league organised by the main iberian esports clubs 


One Tap League is the first iberian league promoted and operated by the most relevant esports clubs in Spain and Portugal, along with producer Cabal Esports. The participating teams are Team Queso, Movistar Riders, Vodafone Giants, Cream Esports, Wizards, x6tence and Offset, and they will compete through nine stops until the end of 2020.


With a top quality production and the objective of finding the best iberian team, this league looks to create a great spectacle. A new innovative format has been designed with nine stops, each with its own prizepool and winner, that will also add points to a global table. At the end of the nine stops the top 4 teams in the table will fight for the title. 


Each stop consists of a regular bracket of 8 teams, filled by the seven teams from the league and an eighth coming from an open qualifier previously played. The pairings will be sorted by an election of the bottom four teams in the global table, who will choose a rival following an order, from 7th to 4th.


The time has come for step 0, and Team Queso is ready and thrilled to be bringing some top quality Counter-Strike to all the fans. With a young team, a lot of work in their backs and a lot ahead, Vicen ‘SNK’ aims for Top 1 in each stop.


Vares as captain, TheClaran, Mikk, Yaba and Aragorn are the five players that will represent Team Queso during this league and give their best in each match. They have been together, training and progressing now for more than a year, and now comes a chance to prove themselves against some of the top teams in this esport. 


You will be able to follow the whole competition live in the official Twitch channel of the league, in their web page, and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter for every detail!


CS:GO is coming!