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On Sunday, things took a turn for the worse for Team Queso

Neither the little ones, nor the big ones. Both Team Queso and Arena Quesito got defeated in their respective duels on the final day of the SLO

After an incredible season and achieving incredible results, the players from Team Queso’s youth academy, Arena Quesito, had the opportunity to get a promotion in the Superliga Orange and compete with the best.

Their first opponents were Mad Lions, who they had to beat before facing the loser of the relegation match between Penguins and Kiyf, the last and second-to-last ranking teams in the SLO.

Everybody wanted to see how our players took a giant step forward for Arena Quesito, but the match didn’t go as they expected.

AleXX! started and chose a Giant deck with three spells, but he couldn’t get through the defensive Teslas of Loay, the Dutch player from Mad Lions who, with a Poison and Miner Combo, chipped away the tower until he destroyed it.

Arena Quesito had no answer

Our players tried and fought until the last game but they couldn’t score any points, and the final defeat has been a hard blow when considering the amount of work and effort they’ve put into it. 0-2, 0-2 and 0-2.

They’ll try again, that’s for sure, and nothing will mar Arena Quesito’s trajectory this season, which has been spectacular.

The Mad Lions then played against Kiyf and won 3-1 thus earning a place among the best.

Team Queso also got defeated

After the little ones, Termisfa’s pupils had to break the tie with Valencia for the third position. The loser would face Vodafone Giants in the semi-finals of the Gamergy, the winner would play against ASUS Rog Army.

Soking was the first of our players to participate and ran into a tremendous counter. Soking’s Graveyard could do nothing against Tobi’s defensive combination of Valkyrie, Poison and Rascals. Belikin lost the second game to Juanxx and Valencia won the first set.

Team Queso got the second set, Soking and Beniju won their games without too much trouble, and in the third set Soking again scored a favourable 1-0, it seemed that a comeback was possible but Belikin lost and everything was in Beniju’s hands.

The Basque made a small mistake with an Ice Spirit and his right tower took a thousand points of damage at the start of the game. He managed to even the game but ended up losing during the sudden death leaving the rival’s tower with only 70 hitpoints. A defeat. 0-2, 2-0 and 1-2.

Team Queso will be pitted against Vodafone Giants in the semi-final of the Gamergy and Arena Quesito will try again and succeed.

See you at Gamergy!
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