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The Japanese team achieves the final victory in the Brawl Stars Queso Cups after defeating Dream Team in the final.

After two months of competition, last Saturday took place the final play-off of the Brawl Stars Queso Cup, a tournament organised by Team Queso in which the best Brawl Stars teams have participated.

Nova Esports ended up emerging victorious after playing a perfect play-off and beating Dream Team 3-1 in the final. They beat Tribe Gaming during the semi-finals, a team that had remained undefeated until that moment.

Team Queso was represented in the playoffs thanks to Arena Quesito, whose players have performed really well throughout the tournament but could not avoid being defeated in the quarter-finals against Team Consty.

The Queso Cup has been a success, the organisation of the event, overseen by Kius (Team Queso’s Brawl Stars manager) has been marvellous and you have been able to enjoy all the rounds thanks to the fantastic quality of the casters. We would like to thank Dario, Spiuk, David and Xavier for giving their all every day while casting the tournament.

This tournament has been a mere glimpse of the competitive scene of Brawl Stars, some of the best teams have taken part and thanks to them we can begin to imagine how Brawl Stars may look in the future.

Thank you very much to all the participating teams for trusting Team Queso to organise this tournament and for doing their best every Saturday in the arena. In the words of Kius: “We’ve enjoyed the high-level play of the teams in the competitive scene of Brawl Stars. Once again Team Queso, heavily supporting another great game. It’s been a pleasure overseeing the Brawl Stars Queso Cup”.

Many thanks also to all of you for following the development of the whole tournament and supporting your favourite teams every week. Keep an eye on our social media for news about Brawl Stars and much more.

1st Nova Esports: $900

2nd Dream Team: $450

3rd Tribe Gaming: $150