We’re going to Paris ESWC!

We’re going to Paris ESWC!

Today we have big news! Our Clash Royale team is going to be present in the ESWC winter tournament this weekend in Paris!

The tournament will have place during 17, 18 and 19 of February in the Paris Expo Hall 5. This is the second time where the ESWC hosts a Clash Royale tournament, with an already known format used in Autumn 2o16. It is a two-stages tournament, online and offline, where the winners of every of the 5 online qualifiers will be granted a spot in the final bracket of 32 finalists that will play face to face inside the event.

We are excited to bring you all news and, hopefully, some prizes back home. This is going to be our first official competition as Team Queso, which constitutes a big opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell everybody that we’ve come to stay.

Also important to know, Destru has qualified in Online Qualifier #5 and we have all our hopes with his skills controlling elixir. The top four players will be rewarded with a share of $5,000 of cash prize, but to succeed it will be necessary to face best players in Europe and to prove that we deserve it.

You can watch the competition stream in Alvaro845 YouTube Channel [ESP] and in BBXH Twitch Channel [ENG].


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