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Team Queso is proud to announce a new sponsorship agreement with Digifast, a gaming equipment and products provider

After a difficult year, Team Queso has some good news and is signing this new sponsorship agreement with Digifast for 2021 and lasting one year. Digifast will appear on the team’s social media banners as well as on the sleeves of the club’s new official shirt.

The American company, founded in California, is focused on developing high-quality gaming products to offer an optimal gaming experience for individuals seeking power and performance in their PC equipment. Fans, SSDs, heat sinks, gaming peripherals or even streaming equipment, Digifast ensures superior quality products.

Justin Dobrusky, general manager of Digifast, shared some words regarding the sponsorship: ‘We are excited to be working with Team Queso as a gaming enthusiast brand, with such honour to participate in the gaming community to deliver DIGIFAST’s courageous and fighting spirit Team Queso has noticeably growing fans and influencers all over the world and overcoming is Team Queso‘s organization value, which makes it the perfect showcase for our gaming brand and products’.

This is the beginning of a new adventure, Team Queso takes a further step in its strategy (this time crossing borders) and keeps growing as a force to be reckoned with within the eSports scene. ‘We are honoured to have Digifast as a sponsor. Being able to collaborate with a North American brand is very important, it means that going beyond our borders is both real and achievable, I couldn’t ask for a better partner for this new journey. We will continue to work as usual and together with Digifast we are taking another step towards our objective’, said Álvaro G. Buitrago, CEO of Team Queso.

From 2021 Digifast will provide Team Queso and its players with the necessary equipment to keep their PCs up to date at all times, and you will be able to see it on Team Queso’s social media.