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Team Queso has a new Clash of Clans roster and will compete in Supercell’s World Championship with $1,000,000 prize pool


Six years ago, a certain Álvaro started uploading Clash of Clans videos to YouTube as a mere hobby, many of you know him from other games, but this was the origin of everything. The thing is that after a couple of views or maybe three, today Álvaro is a happy man because Team Queso announces its official expansion into Clash of Clans.

The club sponsored by Telepizza and Razer keeps growing and continues its eSports adventure, looking for new opportunities and challenges and getting to know this fascinating world. After starting as a club exclusively dedicated to games for mobile devices, it took a leap into PC by creating a Fortnite division, three more PC games were added in the following months: Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six and Smite.

It seemed back then that the club was taking a new direction, and perhaps the fans thought that Team Queso was moving away from mobile devices, but nothing could be further from the truth. Smartphone fanatics can rest assured that with the expansion into PUBG Mobile, Brawl Stars and now Clash of Clans, they will all be satisfied.

Entering this game means something more than just a new game in Team Queso for Alvaro845: “Those who have followed my channel since the beginning know that I’ve always enjoyed the competitive experience of Clash of Clans a lot, Team Queso would not exist without this game. Up to the date we never had the opportunity to consider a competitive scene within Clash of Clans but luckily this is going to change and I love it! Team Queso is not going miss out on the chance to compete in Clash of Clans, which shares a big community with Clash Royale.”

Six years after its creation, and contrary to what it may seem, the game is more alive than ever to the point that this past April Clash of Clans has been the game that has generated more revenue in the Apple Store. Supercell, the game’s developer, decided to reward its most loyal users in 2019 with the first Clash of Clans World Championship with a $1,000,000 prize pool up for grabs. It’s time to dig up those memories and attack villages again! Team Queso loves Supercell games and whenever the team participates in one is with the intention of dominating it, Clash of Clans will be no different.


Marika Appel, Clash of Clans Community Manager at Supercell welcomes Team Queso: “When we launched Clash of Clans back in August 2012 we could’ve never ever imagined that one day there would be a global Clash of Clans tournament, the World Championship, with a $1,000,000 prize pool! Our journey together with Alvaro started all those years ago, and today we’re taking the next exciting step together. We’re extremely happy and proud to welcome Team Queso into Clash of Clans! Best of luck and Clash On!


The manager of the team will be Zolokotroko, a well-known Spanish-speaking Clash of Clans YouTuber (link) as well as a great player. He will take the reins of the division and will also work as the Clash of Clans content coordinator for Team Queso. The club aims to create a large amount of media content about the game, as well as to enhance the content that is already being created within the community. So much so that a Twitter account focused exclusively on Clash of Clans will be created:



Clanes Des CoC – Discovering Clash of Clans – is a Twitter account that represents the clans ingame created by Álvaro back in the day so that his fans could compete casually. The family kept growing until reaching 6 clans and 300 members, some of whom are now in Team Queso. The clan will change name and serve to share all Clash of Clans activity.

What about the players? Well, Team Queso’s Clash of Clans division was created thanks to the union of TOMPINAI EMPIRE and ARTIFICIEROS TOP, two well-known clans specialised in wars that joined forces to place a Spanish-speaking clan among the Clash of Clans world’s elite. Now, Team Queso picks up the baton and will professionalise both clans to ensure that the goal of winning the World Championship is met.


Captained by Cuevas, the team is pleased to introduce the new Clash of Clans players: almualin, Khal Rosales CR, rigotorres23, MAICOL DP, Tatop, Oskivm, Guido, Matias, ▪VictoR▪, and Fed.

You will be able to watch the team compete this weekend in the World Championship qualifier held in Katowice and organised by ESL, Team Queso will stream all the action from Poland on its YouTube channel, from Saturday at 16:00.