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Carlos Francés Valdés has been a Team Queso Fortnite player since August 2018 and today he says goodbye to the club to pursue other goals

More bad news at the end of the year, in this case we have to say goodbye to Patata, player of our Fortnite division and a crucial part of its development since the club embarked on Epic Games’ Battle Royale adventure.

Patata arrived at the Quesocasa in October 2018, and he gave his all from the very first day, collaborating in both professional and coexistence-related activities, and doing his best every single day. Kind, mature and hard-working, Patata leaves an important void and he will be sorely missed by his housemates.

Carlos has decided to step down after a year and a half competing and performing at the highest level, feeling that he wasn’t as motivated as usual and unfulfilled while training, competing and dedicating many hours to Fortnite. He felt unsatisfied doing that and decided to look for alternatives. Needless to say, he won’t stop playing video games. 

At the age of 22, he puts an end to his eSports career and will return to his village in Alicante to spend time with his family and friends. He’ll finish his studies and go back to his other hobbies like climbing.

Regarding his time at Team Queso, Patata is very clear: ‘My time at TQ has undoubtedly been, until now, the best experience of my life, I could keep talking about this for a while, but I think saying that thanks to TQ I have fulfilled a dream is enough’.

He’s no longer in the Quesocasa and there were tears the day he left. Plenty of them were shed by Alimorol: ‘Patata is undoubtedly the embodiment of the values of Team Queso and from the moment of his arrival has been a key piece in the Fortnite project, leaving an indelible mark on the team. Very much to our regret, we have to let Patata become Carlos again and we wish him best of luck, hoping that he will remember us fondly’.

Clynt, who in addition to living with Patata, has been a team-mate and later coach, also chimes in. His opinion highlights Patata’s greatness of character: ‘In spite of being a shy person, he was crucial when it came to the coexistence and the work environment. He left a deep imprint on all of us. Patata is an incredible person and we will never forget him’.

Thanks for everything, Patata. Come back whenever you want.