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Team Queso says goodbye to one of their coaches from the last CRL, Mad Raider will not be part of the team this season.


It is with a heavy heart that Team Queso bids farewell to an individual who has been in the club since the very beginning. The reasons why Mad is leaving the club are very objective; the Clash Royale division must be adjusted to the new competitive situation and Team Queso cannot keep two coaches in the CRL team in addition to the one in the Superliga Orange.


Therefore, the club is forced to do without Mad Raider, a great Clash Royale coach and above all a great person. His work this time has gone far beyond gaming-related matters, Mad has been crucial to make everything work together and generate an atmosphere of companionship and mutual support, and this is demonstrated by the results obtained and the confidence that the players have placed in him.


His participation has been fundamental in all the achievements of Team Queso CR, since he started as a player in RcQ, later when he was an analyst, and finally coach, all this and also winning competitions in all three periods. From a Liga Leyenda as a player, to the CRL 2018 Europe as a coach, he ended up with pink hair in Japan, in the world finals, enjoying the pure eSports and together with the best in the world.


Alvaro845 regrets the Uruguayan’s departure, and says: ‘You can’t imagine how much it pains me having to do without one of the coaches, but unfortunately there’s no budget for both. Mad is an excellent coach, I hope and wish he can find another CRL team for next season, I don’t think it’ll difficult for him, truthfully.’


Mad Raider, moved but composed, is clear: ‘Team Queso is the best place to be, I want to thank the club for this time and hopefully this will just be a ‘see you soon’.’


Team Queso wishes to thank Mad Raider for the way he has dedicated himself to the club, his enthusiasm and his honesty. Thank you Mad!