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Nasser joins Team Queso

POSTED BY TeamQueso 09/07/2021

The jungler will be joining the team as a reserve player and will live in the Queso Casa with the rest of his team-mates until the end of the split.


We are proud to announce a new League of Legends player. Nasser “Nasser” Rifai Martínez signs with Team Queso for the rest of the split. Our new jungler will be joining as a reserve player and is already living in the gaming House. He’ll be helping the team as much as he can for the final stretch of the season.


Nasser is a veteran of the national League of Legends scene. After his time at the S2V academy, he made the jump to the Superliga with G2 Arctic, which at the time was playing its first split in the Spanish top flight. The roster consisting of Oscarinin, FeeniixZ, Supa, Aesenar and Nasser himself managed to reach the semi-finals of the spring playoffs and the finals in summer, which allowed them to qualify for the EU Masters. After his departure from G2 Arctic, the Lebanese-Spanish player played the 2020 Iberian Cup with Cream Real Betis, and then joined EGN, a Portuguese team with which he managed to reach the semi-finals of the Portuguese national league.


Nasser is now joining Team Queso and is already under the orders of Prod1 and Machuki to contribute to the team anyway possible. With this signing the club seeks to bring an extra oomph to the team for the final stretch of the season while trying to secure the playoffs. Naturally, after securing that goal, the team will try its best to reach the finals and be crowned champion.


You can follow him on Twitter at: @Nasser_L0L

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