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After working during weeks, we can say it to the world: We proudly present Team Queso!

Team Queso is an e-Sport organization which is aimed to compete and sew its first victories in the growing e-sports scene, and specifically in those games developed for mobile.

This team has been created by Alvaro845, the biggest mobile gaming youtuber worldwide. He has been helped by a lot of people, with some common features: their professionalism and passion for mobile game. From this passion comes the belief that e-Sports are the future for mobile gaming, as it can be read from the incredibly high performance both in profits and in audience for games in these devices during 2016.

We also trust that professionalism isn’t against fun neither tied to a formality that hides the fact that we are here to play. That’s why we chose the cheese to represent us, because we’d love to be linked to the huge and awesome mobile gaming Spanish community, and because we want to remain near those who are part of it.

We start with two well-known titles, Clash Royale and Vainglory. Vainglory has been a pioneer in developing a competitive system in mobile gaming and has already a prize pool over half million dollars, Clash Royale is the most promising game of 2016, when it was launched, with espectacular growth perspectives and an audience never seen before in mobile gaming.

We will keep you updated, introducing you the teams and telling you all about us from our website and social media. We hope to share with you the journey that starts today and that you feel the same ilusion and enthusiasm that we are feeling.

See you in the arena!

Team Queso