Today from 10:00am to 7:00pm there is going to take place a Clash Royale Tournament organized by Millenium in Paris. This is a Tournament that has been taking part during 4 live qualifiers, and where we’ve been invited to participate in the final bracket. You can watch the Tournament in Alvaro845 channel in Spanish and in TrapaClash channel in French.

Tournament is made of a double eliminatory bracket, so you have to lose 2 rounds to be disqualified. Eeach round will be in B05. This is a team competition, and every team is composed of 3 people and every round is on a King of the Hill mode. This way, the two first members of every team face each other in a bo3, and the one winning stays, facing then the second player of the other team. So, it could be even possible to win the tournament with a single player… But this is a high level competition…

Our roster for today is Soking, CuchiiCu and Surgical Goblin ¡Good Luck quesos!

Here you can see the tournament bracket! Go support us!

See you in the Arena!:muscle: :cheese: