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Team Queso boosts its content team with the joining of Malcaide, a Clash Royale legend

Martín Ricardo Alcaide is a Bulgarian Youtuber and streamer focused on creating content in Spanish. He began his career as a Clash Royale player, then became a coach and manager, all of this while creating content on a regular basis. He uploads videos to YouTube and streams on Twitch daily. His content on both platforms is mainly focused on Clash Royale.

Now he is joining Team Queso and will become the latest member to be part of the network of content creators that the club has built in recent months to cover those games that are of strategic interest for the club. Naturally, we are talking about Clash Royale in the case of Malcaide, who is undoubtedly one of the leading figures in the Spanish-speaking Clash Royale scene. 

He couldn’t be anywhere else but here, in Team Queso, where he will be joining the other content creators of the club: Alvaro845, WithZack, Jacky (CooLifeGame), Navalha, Spiuk, Zolokotroko, Beniju, iAmJP and Revol Aimar. Together they cover a wide variety of interests and games in which Team Queso has a fan community and strategic interest, such as League of Legends, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans or the mobile-focused MOBAs.

Together they have around 13 million subscribers on YouTube, 613,000 of which are from Malcaide, who uploads Clash Royale videos on a daily basis and also streams on Twitch, where you can watch him playing different games. We recently saw him playing Among Us with other well-known influencers. 

Team Queso thus strengthens its position within Supercell’s game, one of the club’s main focuses from the get-go and part of its strategic niche of games for mobile devices. 

Welcome, Malcaide!