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Making history at a rate of knots

Finally we can announce it, we will be taking part in Supercell’s official team-based competition: the Clash Royale League.

As you may already know, a few weeks ago Supercell announced its new official team-based competition, the so-called Clash Royale League. As you may also know, there are many top-tier organisations that will be competing in this region-based league.

Clash Royale, both as a game and as an eSport, is growing at a rate that no one had imagined since Supercell released it officially. Many top-tier organisations are beginning to bet on the game and Supercell itself has realised the huge success Clash Royale is having in every respect.

Drawing a parallel between Clash Royale and our organisation, we could say that we have both grown at a very fast rate in the short time since our creation. In just one year we have been able to create an infrastructure capable of generating the best Clash Royale players in the world with hardly any ‘stellar signings’, having a very powerful Academy team and a technical staff at the same level of its players.

It wasn’t just Clash Royale, we’ve made a strong bet on mobile games like Vainglory, where we’re a franchise team in the biggest continental competition of this game, and Arena of Valor, where we’ve created a team with a promising future in a short time.

It is clear that we still have a lot to learn from in this industry, and there is a lot to improve, but what is clear to us is that we are on the right track.

Well, today we can say it…. WE ARE A CLASH ROYALE LEAGUE TEAM!

We will be representing Spain as the only national team in the biggest European Clash Royale league alongside teams like:

  • Misfits
  • SK Gaming
  • G2 Esports
  • Team Liquid
  • Team Queso
  • Dignitas
  • Allegiance

We are very happy to be able to make this announcement, we believe it is a reward after a year full of hard work and we are determined to rise to the occasion. In the words of Álvaro G. Buitrago, CEO and co-founder of Team Queso:

[pullquote]As Team Queso, we’ve been competing in Clash Royale tournaments over a year and helping to build an exciting ecosystem,” said Alvaro G. Buitrago, CEO of Team Queso. “Now we’re proud to bring our knowledge of the community and join our fellow teams to build the Clash Royale League, taking this esport to the next level[/pullquote]

What about the squad? This is just a glimpse of what’s to come, in a few days we’ll officially announce the players who will make up Team Queso’s Clash Royale League team.



  • Me gustaría unirme a la familia de team queso

  • Me gustaría unirma a la familia de team queso estoy en 4447 copas de clash royale

  • Nesecito Que Me Entrenen Estoy En Liga 1 Pero No Avanzó Por Miedo a Bajar De Copas,Esque Hay Niveles Doce y Tienen Las Cartas Al Máximo y Pues Me Molesta Porque Llevan Aveces Noble Con Bárbaros Oh Varias Cosas Más.
    Pero Nesecito Que Me Enseñen Porfavor!

  • Me gustaria que me ayuden a crecer en mi rendimiento soy liga 1 queria que si porfavor me pueden ayudar a entrenar y quiero sobresalir o representar a mi pais Bolivia a travez de su ayuda

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