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He has been a Fortnite coach and manager of other divisions such as Rainbow Six or LoL, and Team Queso wishes to thank him for all the time he has devoted to the club. 

Team Queso says goodbye to a person who has helped a lot in his time in the club. The first thing is to thank Lucas for every minute of his time dedicated to Team Queso during this year in which the team has greatly expanded, specifically in PC games. Lucas has played an important role in this expansion, due to his knowledge of the ecosystem and his dedication.

He joined Team Queso initially to help in the Communication Department, he was the one conducting interviews and moderating live discussions on the club’s channels. He soon saw a new chance with Fortnite and became coach of the division.

Thus, from September 2018 he coached Naranjito and company, he went every day to the Quesocasa to coach them and helped to lay the foundation of today’s Fortnite division. 

He was ecstatic after Prisionero qualified for the World Cup, not only that but also the trip to New York and the event itself can be considered his best moments in Team Queso. 

Now his journey in the club is over due to a company decision and Team Queso wants to thank him once again and wishes the best of luck to Lucas Rojo in his future.