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Team Queso and Lotto announce this new sponsorship that will last two years and will dress all the players of the club with clothing of the Italian brand

From 2020, both players and members of Team Queso will wear apparel of the Italian brand Lotto, distributor and manufacturer of footwear, clothing and sports accessories known around the world.

The agreement covers a period of two years, and Lotto will be the official supplier of Team Queso and will provide all the necessary technical clothing: footwear, sweatshirts, t-shirts and tracksuits in different colours, including those shown in the picture.

Team Queso players will wear Lotto’s clothes in their daily life, while training, while streaming and, of course, in official competitions. The agreement also includes women’s clothing. As you can see, our Rainbow Six player Reina is wearing them:

Beniju, Patata y Reina, TQ Players

Lotto has seen in eSports and specifically in Team Queso a perfect opportunity and a new niche to explore. Being a leading brand and pioneer in sportswear, this agreement with Team Queso does nothing but guarantee success and ensure brand exposure. 

‘We are very excited to have Lotto as a partner for the development of the best technical equipment. During the next two years Team Queso and Lotto will work together to develop clothing and footwear for eSports competitions, as well as casual clothing that our players will wear,’ states Alvaro845, CEO and founder of Team Queso.

Not only that but also Team Queso recently announced a logistics expansion plan that will make it possible for Team Queso products to be present in Amazon stores in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Now the alliance with a leading company like Lotto reinforces the organisation’s growth and marketing strategy for the coming years. 

The club wishes to thank Lotto for the trust placed in Team Queso and we have no doubt that this partnership will guarantee success in the following two years.