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Team Queso could not keep its winning streak in this Clash Royale League after being defeated 2-0 against Team Liquid, thus reaching the halfway point of the league with six victories and one defeat

There were many factors surrounding the match that pitted Team Queso against Team Liquid last Thursday. Rivalry, old team-mates, the winning streak of our players, the precarious position of Team Liquid in the CRL, a death note… It was one of the most anticipated clashes of the CRL and Liquid ended up winning the day.

Team Queso played this match with its usual starting line-up. Soking and Beniju played the 2v2, Saint Belikin the 1v1 and Cuchii Cuu the third set. Anthony sat out this match after being a starter the last two times.


Both Tombstone and Poison were banned in the 2v2. Coming next was the Golem. The four players carried a copy in their decks in the two games that lasted the set.

Golem here, Golem there, Boeufmac and DiegoB were able to reach the enemy tower better and left Soking and Beni unable to react. First set for Team Liquid.


It was Saint Belikin’s turn to tie the match against Azilys, a specialist in face to face games. First the English player played a Log bait deck and, in the same way that happened to Anthony in the past, he ran into a triple spell deck.

There was nothing he could have done in the first round, which ended with a bit of harmless BM. The second one went in Saint Belikin’s favour, with practically identical decks he was able to win the game, tie the set and paid his opponent back in his own coin with a healthy dose of BM.

During the third game Belikin found himself without an optimal answer for the Royal Hogs of Azilys, and little by little his tower took more and more damage until it got destroyed.

Focusing on the second leg

First defeat in CRL for Team Queso, which remains at the top of the table with a 6-1 score. This result was a wake-up call for the second half of the league, in which Team Queso aspires to maintain that first position until the end.

Great work everyone, Termisfa and Mad Raider in command, and the players Soking, Beniju, Saint Belikin, Cuchii Cuu and Anthony. To all of you, thank you very much for your support and see you next Tuesday, the 25th of September at 22:00 against G2.