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Epic’s new competitive tournament is about to begin, this time it will be focused on four-player squads and Team Queso is already ready

FNCS is the competitive tournament Epic has organised and will last the next four weeks. It is a tournament similar to those held before which were focused on trios, duos and solos. It will be a region-based competition and with a total cash prize of $5 million.

Team Queso players are looking for the best synergy and after thinking about it for a few weeks, the players will be organised as follows: Patata, Urii, Alewar and Smokq make up one squad, Naranjito will participate in this event alongside DiegoB, Broken and Deniiss, and finally Prisionero will be competing in the same squad as Colla, Jord1h and zTyche.

As in other occasions, during this FNCS there will be some on-line qualifiers on weekends and then a final in which the best players from each region will compete, in this case it will also be on-line. Each team will have four chances or qualifiers in four different weekends to qualify for the regional finals, which will be held in the fifth week with the best players in the world. 

Each qualifier consists of three phases of 10 games (or 3 hours) each. As in previous events, players will need to score enough points to make the cut, until reaching the third final phase in which the players with the most points will qualify for the finals. Those squads that have not managed to qualify any week will do so by means of the number of points recorded in an overall scoreboard that will take into account the points scored over the four weeks.

A total of 50 teams will be able to qualify for the European regional finals on the 6th of December. 

As you already know, you can watch all the action live on on Saturday the 2nd of November at 13:00 CEST.

See you at the bus!