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Jacky Joins Team Queso as a Content Creator

POSTED BY TeamQueso 07/03/2020

The club announces the signing of the well-known YouTuber who from now on will collaborate with Team Queso in content creation


Ricardo García, better known as Jacky, is a YouTuber whose channel, CooLifeGame, has more than 1.5 million followers, the largest Spanish-speaking League of Legends channel on the platform. He is very active and mainly uploads LoL related videos, a game he has been playing since its release, but also focused on other Riot games such as Teamfight Tactics or Legends of Runeterra. 


His videos are fun, always with a happy tone and humour, not bombastic at all, and very relatable to his followers, who are known as “La Bronza” or “Los Bronzas”, a term that Jacky also uses when something outrageous happens while playing a game, regardless of whether you’re very good, and always in good spirits. 


Jacky is also a streamer, he currently streams daily on Facebook, that way you can enjoy something a bit different than the usual YouTube stuff and interact live with him. Recently, he has streamed together with Alvaro845, who also streams on the same platform, teasing this announcement. 


The two of them get along really well not only personally but also professionally, and the result is that Jacky will be joining Team Queso as a content creator. Both Jacky and Team Queso share a series of values and philosophies when it comes to reaching the audience and, in turn, both have found an important niche to explore together.


Both Team Queso and Jacky have their eye on Wild Rift, Riot’s mobile MOBA, and both are keen to make the most of this title when it comes to mobile devices. This game is a meeting point between the two communities, mobile and League of Legends, and today begins the #QuesoBronza era.


Jacky’s words dispel any doubts: ‘I’m very happy to have decided to join Team Queso, in fact, I was the one that suggested this idea. I’ve received huge offers from other teams, but I wanted to work with a team that has a bright future in LoL: Wild Rift, Team Queso. Besides, we are talking about a team with a real youth academy, which seeks to bolster Spanish talent and has always tried to win. I wanted to be in a team with friends and I feel right at home here. I’m sure we’ll travel the world watching Team Queso win!’





Welcome to Team Queso, Jacky!