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iSlaw will no longer be part of Team Queso

ISlaw, a French player who has been with us since August 2017, has decided to leave the club of his own free will

After his recent incorporation to the Superliga Orange roster and his joining to the team’s Gaming House, iSlaw decided to terminate his contract with us, mainly due to his non-inclusion in the recently announced Clash Royale League, in which Team Queso will participate.

The decision not to include iSlaw in the Clash Royale League roster is due to technical reasons as well as to the language barrier. Team Queso has never wanted to get rid of iSlaw, although we respect his decision to look for alternatives to participate in the league and we helped him to do so, thus leaving him as free agent. Likewise, he was offered to remain in the Superliga Orange for this and subsequent seasons if he could not find a team for the Clash Royale League.

Since the player decided to leave the team, iSlaw left Team Queso’s gaming house this morning.