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Introducing Team Queso’s Wild Rift roster

POSTED BY TeamQueso 03/03/2021

The competitive Wild Rift circuit has begun and Team Queso has built a roster with the aim of dominating the scene.

As a dominant team within the mobile eSports scene, Team Queso has had its sights set on Wild Rift since its launch was announced. The team hasn’t wasted any time and has built a solid project both on social media and the competitive aspect of the game. 

Thanks to the know-how from other mobile titles, especially Arena of Valor, a game in which Team Queso was among the best in the world and competed in the world finals on several occasions, the club has all the ingredients to create a successful Wild Rift project.

The Team Queso Wild Rift division is captained by Navalha, Poti and Samcro. They are our main ambassadors of the game and upload content related to the game on a daily basis. Navalha will act as Manager, Poti will be the Assistant Manager and Samcro the coach. The players are: 

Top – Acolyte

Jungla – Andreszed

Mid – Ruiz

ADC – Ibu

Support – Memorized

This roster is made up of some of the best players in the scene and their aim is to win every single competition in which Team Queso participates. We are talking about an exceptional roster in every way and we are sure their performance will be exceptional right from the start. It’s worth highlighting the return of three players, Ruiz, Ibu and Memorized, who return to the team after having been part of the Arena of Valor roster. 

You will be able to see the team competing in the coming days, both nationally in the Storm League qualifier, and internationally in the Zenith League and the Mobile Mayhem. 

Team Queso is set to dominate the Wild Rift on mobile devices. This team promises to be a force to be reckoned with. 

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Welcome to Wild Rift.