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We are leaving behind a magical 2017 in which we have lived many incredible experiences, all of them have helped us to grow as people and as an organisation. This new year is full of projects that will continue to keep us as a reference eSports club in mobile devices.

One of these projects that makes us so excited, is to be able to introduce our squad for the second edition of the Superliga Orange in which we were totally focused on winning.

Truth be told, we still are a bit disappointed after placing second in the Superliga, despite the fantastic performance of our team in this competition, we’re always striving to be the best in everything.

Before planning a new season sporting wise, Team Queso was wondering whether we needed new reinforcements in our Clash Royale team. Keeping in mind that as an eSports club we have an international vocation, and that competitions like the Superliga are perfect to showcase the skills of our players.

Surgical Goblin playing the final of Gamergy Masters

Team Queso is fortunate to have the best youth academy in the world; Arena Quesito, from which some of our star players have come. We honestly believe that if we need any kind of reinforcement we don’t need to sign anyone, since we have players with a lot of potential and worthy to compete in the SLO in our affiliated team.

Some of the Arena Quesito players have been clear candidates to join Team Queso’s squad for this new Superliga Orange season but we think it’s not yet time to take the plunge despite their fantastic performance in European competitions.

We have decided to continue with a similar line-up because if something works… why change it?

Team Queso’s Line Up – Superliga Orange 2018

In the words of our Clash Royale director, Gonzalo ‘Fuyur’ Berzosa, we have decided not to make a complete renovation of the team in order to publicly show the confidence we have in our players. Also, it’s worth noting that it’s possible to make a limited number of changes to the squad during the season, so keep your eyes open as there may be surprises.

On Xerezano’s departure from the Superliga squad, the only reason is to study, as the player will be facing the university entrance exams this year and we, Team Queso, strongly support our players with their studies.

Finally, there has been a lot of speculation about players like Adrián Piedra or ColtonW83 joining the ‘national’ squad, something we would love and are working on. When the time comes, our coaching staff will have the last word on this.

We look forward to your support as usual this new year, and be ready because this has just begun.