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Today we have the great pleasure of introducing the Vainglory squad that will play for Team Queso in 2018, and that will undoubtedly allow us to fight to become the next European champions.

We welcome Maximilian Tyruzz Thomas, Alexander Hundor Nicolas Stitz, Dennis TetnoJJ  Klausy, Alessandro Palmatoro Blair to Team Queso who, along with Manuel PRZ Pérez, will make up the starting squad that will fight for European dominance, and certainly for the world championship. These players are also accompanied by Réda Hegman Hamouche, as reserve, and Bastiaan Bayu Willem, who joins Team Queso’s technical staff to help bring our players to the top this year.

For those of you who don’t know them, here is a brief overview of each one’s personal track record.


Team Queso’s support since the team was created, he remains in the starting squad after proving his talent by leading the team to victory in the Challenger Cup at the Los Angeles live event and reach the Vainglory8 last season.


He dominated the European jungle last season with SK Gaming, a team that became champion twice and runner-up once in the three seasons they played.


G2 Esports’s laner, he led his team to victory in the European championship in the last season of the year, thus qualifying for the Worlds being the only European team to achieve it. He joins Team Queso to take care of the Bot Lane.


Fnatic’s laner last season, he was Europe’s champion in the past with Gankstars Cerberus, something that led him to participate in the Worlds of 2016. He will be the new Mid Laner for Team Queso.


Three times European champion with Team Secret, he played as jungler for Fnatic last season. He’s going to be in charge of the Top Lane.


SK Gaming’s support that won the European runner-up spot in the last season of 2017.


Bound to SK Gaming since its creation, a former professional player and coach of one of the best European teams in the history of Vainglory.

With this roster Team Queso is ready to fight for the European crown in the next Vainglory Premier League that will start on the 2nd of June. In the meantime, you can watch them participate in the preseason that will begin this very weekend, the 14th of April. Stay tuned to our social media to see our players in action!

On the other hand, we also want to say goodbye to the players who achieved so much last year, but who will not be with us this year. We would have loved to see them make their debut wearing the Team Queso shirt in the VPL. However, several personal issues made it very difficult for Team Queso to prepare and participate with the main roster in different phases of the competition schedule. Thank you very much for everything you have done for Team Queso, DarkGhost00, MrKcool, Ghost83, AmanojaKu and Silver812.

We wish you all the best in Vainglory and in life and hope that our paths will cross again soon!