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Introducing Arena Quesito’s roster: League of Legends

POSTED BY TeamQueso 22/02/2020

Team Queso and Arena Quesito reveal the roster of the club’s academy that will compete in the Circuito Tormenta, among other competitions

Team Queso has set its sights on League of Legends and has started a medium/long term project in which the youth academy will play a crucial role. The training mechanics and methodology are the same with the objective of creating and encouraging talent in the best way possible.

The five players who will make up the roster of Arena Quesito are Rubén ‘Rubenxico’ Sánchez on top, Antonio ‘Palens’ Palencia will play jungle, Javier ‘Javier’ Carmona mid, Aarón ‘Aarón’ Esteban is ADC and Cristina ‘Yonna’ del Carmen is our Support. Palens and Aarón belong to the roster that last year reached the semi-finals of the Circuito Tormenta, and together with the new additions they have proven to be the best options for the 2020 roster. They will be joined by Virginia ‘Viir’ Sanandrés as an analyst, and Ivan ‘Prod1gy’ Villanueva  and Tomás ‘Handag’ Guitiérrez will be the coaches.

We’ve already seen Aizhon make the jump from the academy to the Superliga Orange, and right now he’s among the best supports in the league. With the work, enthusiasm and talent of those involved in the project, Team Queso aims to establish itself as one of the best national teams by the next year.

The presentation took place in Team Queso’s Elite Room in the X-Madrid Shopping Centre, in Alcorcón, where the club has a permanent space with five computer stations and will be able to be closer to the fans. The players posed together and greeted the fans who approached them and then played a training match against the first team live.

Don’t forget to stay tuned to Arena Quesito‘s social media so you can be up to date on the latest news from the club’s academy in League of Legends and other games.

See you in the Summoner’s Rift!