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Ignacio ‘Clynt’ Navarro joins the technical staff of the Fortnite division

POSTED BY TeamQueso 15/07/2019

Having been part of Team Queso’s Fortnite squad for over a year now, it’s time to hang up the boots for Ignacio Navarro, better known as Clynt.


However, Clynt won’t be leaving the team anytime soon and to prove it he will be joining the technical staff together with Lucas Rojo in order to carry the players of the team to the top. ‘I can’t wait to start working and face the new challenges that will arise. I want to thank Team Queso for the opportunity they gave me and the trust they have placed in me from the beginning’.


On the other hand, Lucas Rojo states: ‘I think Clynt is going to be a great support for the team and a great help to me. He’s going to make things a lot easier for me because he has a close relationship with the players. Without a doubt, this is the natural step to be taken, and I am very grateful to the management for their assistance to make sure that things went smoothly’.