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Team Queso proudly introduces iCreeDx, new coach of the Smite division.

Ángel Calvo, 18 years old from Murcia, is the one chosen to take on the role of coach. He was already helping the team during the last round of the SML (2-0 victory against Horizon Union), and after the good results, the team decided to sign him as coach.

iCreeDx has a great deal of experience in Smite, he has been playing since the game was released and, without any kind of professional aspirations, he stood out enough to be signed by Papis, the team made up by Warchi and company before joining Team Queso. He competed with Papis until qualifying for the Smite Pro League, an incredible achievement.

We already know how things turned out, they were left without a place as Hi-Rez reduced the number of places in the competition. After that and some changes he didn’t like, iCreeDx decided to take a break from the game for a while. Now, months later, he is coming back stronger than ever together with his teammates and representing Team Queso.

‘I’m happy to be part of Team Queso and returning to my old team. Thanks to all the players and the club for giving me the opportunity to start a new career in Smite,’ said iCreeDx.

No doubt his assistance will help enormously the Smite team, something that he has already proven.  His official début will be next Tuesday at 18:30 against Exordium.

You can follow him on his social media, he streams daily on Twitch and creates quality Smite content:

Welcome and good luck!