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How did things go at Gamergy?

With the beginning of a new year on its way, we wanted to talk about our first experience in this Gamergy. Not only did we participate in the Superliga Orange finals but we were also present at Gamergy Masters and we had our own booth full of activities and filled to the brim with our players.

On the first two days of Gamergy (15th and 16th of December), the long-awaited Gamergy Masters, in which the 16 best Clash Royale players in the world faced off against each other, took place. Both Surgical Goblin and ColtonW83 took part in the tournament. Surgical for having the best win rate of the Superliga Orange and ColtonW83 for being the winner of the latest Gamergy Masters.

Unfortunately, ColtonW83 was eliminated in the first round after losing 3-1 against a fantastic Miguelinho from Arctic Gaming. We are, nonetheless, extremely proud of our player’s performance and we are sure that 2018 will bring better results for him.

Surgical Goblin, on the other hand, and after facing most of the toughest rivals such as LucasGSM 13, zTeemper, Beniju and Flobby, won the Gamergy Masters championship title, further increasing his status as a Clash Royale living legend.

Photo by LVP(Gamergy)

Sunday was the start of our Clash Royale team’s journey to win the Superliga championship title, we began facing Movistar Riders in the quarter-finals. After defeating the team of the blue company, we came face to face with the champions of the regular phase, Arctic Gaming. Things didn’t go well for them and we ended up winning the semi-final 3-0.

We reached the Grand Final without losing a single set and against a rival that nobody thought could end up winning the championship title. However, Huntters eSports managed to play perfectly and, against all odds, took the Superliga Orange trophy away from us after beating us 3-1.

We are very happy with the performance of our players during the tournament and, of course, congratulations to Huntters eSports for their victory.

Special reference also needs to be made to our youth team, Arena Quesito, that went to Gamergy to compete in the Clash Royale open tournaments, proving their skills in both Gran Open and Orange Cups.

Especially our player Rubén, who achieved a great feat and brought home two trophies after winning both Clash Royale Gran Open and Orange Cup. With only 14 years old, a bright future awaits the Arena Quesito player.

But not everything was about competing in this Gamergy, at our booth we partook with our Clash Royale, Vainglory, Arena of Valor and Hearthstone players in various activities aimed at interacting with all the fans who came to visit us.

We also broadcasted exclusively on the new 5v5 game mode from Super Evil Megacorp’s title, Vainglory. Of course, we would like to thank Razer for their help in carrying out the activities with their new Razer Phone.

To conclude, I would like to thank you all for the support received in both social networks and at Gamergy over the weekend. We are sure that 2018 will be even better for all our teams.

Cheers and happy holidays!
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