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Team Queso bids farewell to the shooter game that led the club into the world of esports for PC at the end of 2018

It is with great sorrow that Team Queso says goodbye to Counter-Strike, and with it to the five members of the team who have competed up until this sunday 24th of January in the OneTapLeague finals.

Mik, Yaba, TheClaran, Thinkii and Humanz have been our warriors who have reached the end of our journey in CS:GO, and we want to thank them for their effort and wish them all the best of luck for the future.

The work that has been done by Team Queso’s CS:GO team has been incredible, led by Vicen ‘SNK’ and Repk3ys the analyst, with humility, effort and a lot of ambition, the group has improved so much in these two years and has reached a good spot in the national competitive scene.

The situation with Counter-Strike is leading most teams to put aside their project for the moment and Team Queso is no different. After two years of satisfactory results in competitions like SuperLiga, ESL Masters, OneTapLeague or various qualifiers like ESEA, now our adventure with the game that broke our mobile exclusivity has come to an end. 

Be sure to follow the players, who will continue to fight in the world of shooter games. For now, Yaba has become our Valorant coach, and you will also be able to find the others around this new game. 

Thank you for so much, and good luck!