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A few days ago it was confirmed on Twitter something that for many was already an open secret; Shiki would be officially joining the casting team for the LVP Super Liga Orange . Great news for him, no doubt. It’s a fantastic and well-deserved opportunity for someone who has put so much effort into it. However, due to incompatibilities between both responsibilities, Shiki, who has been our coach for months, as well as our trouble-shooter and also, a friend for all members of Team Queso, will no longer be a part of our management and coaching team. We are therefore happy to see him reaching his goals and sad for not being able to continue working with him. But this is not a farewell, since this will always be your home and we hope that he’ll continue being part of the RoyaleConQueso clans and enjoy the game that brings us together.

Today we also have to say goodbye to  Mthja, a Dutch player who has been with us practically since the foundation of the team. He has managed to reach the Top 8 of the Gamergy on his own merits and be part of the team that won the RPL Europa. Today he has decided to part way with us. Undoubtedly, we will miss this great player and person who was able to make everyone laugh even after the worst defeats. Our doors will always be open for him whenever he wishes to return and we’ll always consider him a Team Queso member through and through. Best of luck, friend!

Finally, we’ll use this announcement to clarify the situation concerning MarcelP, one of our first international players to join our team. As many of you know, it has been a while since he stopped competing with us and we did not want to make the situation public until everything was fully clarified. A few months ago, the player informed the club management that he would be travelling for two weeks and he would be unable to compete. After that, he stopped giving signs of life, without responding to the messages that were sent to him by different means. We even got worried about his health since it was completely impossible to contact him and nobody knew how to do it. A few weeks ago, he was seeing again in-game playing in other clans. After talking with him he apologised for his behaviour but, for obvious reasons, he can no longer be considered to be part of Team Queso.

All these farewells have made us to realise that, bit by bit, these games are becoming something more, since whenever we say goodbye we feel as if we were losing a part of ourselves. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep in touch with you and who knows if, someday, our paths will cross again. What is sure is that we’ll see you in the Arena!