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After two weeks of hustling and bustling preparing our luggage, running around and gobbling down sandwiches, we’re finally back home. Each one in his own home, spread all over the world: Quintana Roo, Dallas, San Fernando, Palma de Mallorca, Boxmeer … Now it’s time to relax and reflect on everything that happened in the 10 days since the beginning of the Gamergy in Madrid (the 23rd of June) until the end of the ESWC Summer in Bordeaux (the 2nd of July).

Gamergy was totally crazy. We’ll talk about it later in another post. After weeks of preparing everything and getting our hopes high, stepping inside the event and seeing that everything had come to fruition was impressive. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we got goosebumps. An organisation like the LVP, with all its history and experience, had chosen Clash Royale as the future of eSports and, as it turns out, it was the right choice.

In addition, the result of the competition went beyond what we had expected,  Colton, one of the latest players to join our team and semifinalist of the King’s Cup in Los Angeles, ended up being crowned champion. Soking, Spain’s most impressive hair, one of the best Spanish players who has been with us from the very beginning got the third place. Also, it is worth highlighting that CuchiiCuu and Mthja managed to enter the Top 8 and RomK the Top 16.

It was, besides a sporting success and a huge step forward for Clash Royale’s competitive scene, a wonderful experience that we, players and staff, shared. One could feel their support and friendship at all times.

Without having completely recovered from all the excitement of the Gamergy, a good number of us headed to Bordeaux. We were met there by the rain. Perhaps it was an omen of the massacre that would take place on Sunday. The event itself, like every ESWC, had a great staging, although the stage of Clash Royale was a tad small given all the hype. In spite of the event being much smaller than in previous editions, plenty of people came to support their favourite players and enjoy the fantastic performance of the 32 participants. The tournament was divided into a group phase (4 groups of 8 people) and a double elimination bracket, where the leading teams went to the winners bracket and the last ones to the losers bracket.

Although Saturday was a success for the Spaniards, who led 3 of the 4 groups (zTeemper from Giants Gaming and Soking and Cuchii Cuu from Team Queso), the final bracket did not go that well. Maybe it was having to wake up early, maybe it was the fact that we were playing far away from home (and you can bet it has an impact on the players!) or maybe they simply played better than us. But what is undeniable is that the #SpanishArmy and Team Queso were hungry for victory. However, things didn’t go our way. We’ll see each other again, ESWC.

However, it would not be fair to look down on the performance of the Spaniards in Bordeaux, and especially our players, who showed that their performance during the Gamergy was not a mere coincidence. Soking managed to enter the Top 8, Coltonw83 and Mthja the Top 12, Cuchicuu the Top 16 and Mikjail in the Top 24.

To put the cap on the weekend, we gathered around a laptop to support Anthony and Adrián Piedra who were playing the last phase of the LATAM Crown Championship, that we will also discuss later. We celebrated with them their second and fourth place just before we went to sleep with the feeling of a job well done. Thinking about all those who were supporting us from home, those that one always misses when it comes to celebrate in victory or console in defeat.

Here you can take a look at some photos of these intense weekends! Enjoy them!

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