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The club’s Clash Royale manager since its inception will continue as such and also takes on a new position at Team Queso: Sports Director.

Gonzalo Berzosa, better known as Fuyur, has been in Team Queso since it was created, specifically in the Clash Royale division, where he has done a fantastic job these two years. The Clash Royale division owes many of its successes to him.

He began organising the competitive framework of the club and scouting for talent in the club’s youth academy, until he managed to create a Clash Royale team up to the task. When Team Queso was first announced and created its first Clash Royale squad, Fuyur took the helm as manager of the division and everything has gone smoothly ever since.

His great professionalism and efficiency, as well as his unwavering loyalty to the club, make him a fundamental part of Team Queso and now he takes on a position that is undoubtedly the best fit for him. Fuyur thus becomes the new Sports Director at Team Queso, a position that until now was shared by several people.

“I see this new challenge as an opportunity for personal growth in a sector as exciting as eSports and I appreciate the confidence placed in me since the creation of the club by Alicia and Álvaro. With the help of the many talented people we have in our different divisions, I have no doubt that we will achieve what we set out to do”.

As Sports Director, Fuyur will be in charge of all matters related to signings and contracts in the different games where we compete, he will be the contact person for any entity wishing to engage in any type of negotiation and will ensure the smooth overall functioning of all sports-related divisions.

Team Queso will fare even better with this change, and the positive results will be appreciated in all divisions.