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French cheese in the Superliga, reinforcements are coming, iSlaw has arrived!

POSTED BY Juanjo DoubLeJMT 22/02/2018

After Varik0’s recent departure from the team, we introduce the new addition to the Superliga Orange squad.

The mystery of who would replace Varik0 in the Superliga Orange squad has been growing day after day, everybody was eager to meet the ‘new’ cheese and the time has come.

When we announced the squad that would be representing Team Queso in the competition, we emphasised that this season is much longer than the previous one. Thus, having a team that can rotate and play at the same level would be extremely important.

This has affected our way of choosing one player or another, and we firmly believe that we’ve got it right. The chosen ‘cheese’ has been working with us since the past summer, he is currently the ESWC Clan Wars champion and has been an outstanding player in the last edition of the CCGS Europa.

Alban Simonnel better known as ‘iSlaw’ will start working for Termisfa in the Superliga Orange. Our intention is to get rid of the negative results that we have been having since the beginning of the competition.

In the words of Gonzalo ‘Fuyur’ Berzosa, current Team Queso’s Clash Royale director, iSlaw has been since his arrival one of the most spectacular players in the team. During the first season of the Superliga, many teams considered to hire him as a temporary player. We are absolutely sure that he will be a breath of fresh air for the team and we hope that he will help us to achieve the results we expect in the Superliga.