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Fortnite World Cup: Zohaan and Naranjito almost made it

POSTED BY TeamQueso 23/04/2019

No Team Queso player managed to achieve the goal in the second round of the duo qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup although they had a chance until the very end.


After Prisionero’s success a week ago, and the overall good work of the team’s duos, everyone had high hopes for the second qualifier (the first one when it comes to duos) for the Fortnite World Cup.


At the end of the two days, none of them managed to get enough points to qualify, but they are confident after their good performance and there are four more qualifiers to come. Things didn’t go very well for Prisonero and Patata, but Naranjito and Zohaan were close to achieving the goal, despite having been working together for just about a week. Clynt played with Urii, and he didn’t make it either.


Saturday, semi-final


The duos began to compete to be in Sunday’s final phase and, little by little, they scored more and more points. At the end of the day, Prisonero and Patata scored 83 points, Zohaan and Naranjito 72, both duos thus qualified for the final phase. Clynt, meanwhile, failed to qualify for Sunday’s final, scoring 54 points alongside his duo Urii.


Two duos, four players competing in Sunday’s finals, a new chance to qualify for the World Cup.




Sunday’s final went differently for our two duos. None of them managed to qualify but they had a chance until the very last minute and we got to experience some fantastic games.


Patata and Prisonero had bad luck in the first game in which they only scored one point. In the second one, they did manage to score more points despite not achieving a good final position, but it wasn’t their day and didn’t manage to play at the same level as previous days.


They often had several clashes early in the game that forced them to use too many resources, and even made them lose a game here and there. In short, they couldn’t string a couple of games with good scores and watched helplessly as their score stagnated around 30 points when there weren’t that many games left.


Naranjito and Zohaan were a hair’s breadth away


Nobody is surprised that these players performed so well, because their skill and talent are obvious, but when one considers that they have been training together for only a week, the result is even more impressive. You could even see how at times they had different ideas and strategies, but in one way or another they knew how to help each other and achieved something impressive.


In the first game they reached the late game having chances to win and finally achieved a tenth place and 8 points. In the second they scored another 6 points and in the third they were close to winning it, scoring 25 points in the first three games.


The fifth game was the one that boosted our duo’s aspirations, reaching the late game while having the high ground and despite Zohaan dying at the end, Naranjito was able to get the victory royale thus scoring 49 points in 5 games and placing 13th in the global ranking.


After that things took a turn for the worse when they only got 4 kills in the next game before getting eliminated and not scoring a single point in the following two games. At that point they found themselves with 8 games played and 53 points, in dire need of two perfect games.


The penultimate game rewarded them with a second position that reignited their chances, but they didn’t manage to survive the late game of the following game. They ended up scoring 70 points, placing 18th in the European ranking.



This week was not possible, but next week the solos will be back, and we are truly convinced that some of our players will qualify for New York.