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After being a member of Team Queso for almost a year, today it is time to say goodbye to one of the most iconic players of our team.

It is not easy to bring closure to a stage, especially when it comes to talking about a player who has meant so much to the organisation. We try to create a familiar atmosphere with all the members of Team Queso, always keeping in mind that we are a team that seeks to win as much titles as possible. To do so, we need to have top-level players in our ranks.

Álvaro Márquez, better known as Varik0, signed for Team Queso in last year’s April becoming, until now, the only national player to join the ranks of the club. A former Muklash eSports player, he joined the team as reinforcement after qualifying for the Mobile Challenge in Barcelona organised by LVP.

Considered a key part of the team, Varik0 leaves the organisation with an enviable track record in Clash Royale:

  • Second place in the Tenerife TLP Tournament
  • Second place Superliga Orange #1
  • Second place RPL Americas #3
  • First place RPL Europe #2
  • Top 1 in the TheMobition
  • Top 1 in the Liga Leyenda

We, Team Queso, would like to thank the player for his services and his great loyalty, we wish him the best of luck in his future projects.

Regarding the Superliga, we are still considering which player will be chosen to be part of the squad.

Thank you Varik0!