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Two months after our foundation we have decided to increase the number of members of our team. Things have been quite hectic during this time. Not only well-known players are part of Team Queso, but also a group of committed players who belong to our family RoyaleConQueso are a fundamental part of it. For that reason, when it came to expanding our roster, we wanted to choose people from our ranks who have been with us for a very long time. A group of people who have shown an outstanding level of commitment in our project and who have believed in us from the beginning in spite of our mistakes.

1) The first of these players is Luis, a Spanish player from our family RoyaleConQueso. If you are still not familiar with him, you should know that he has won 7 ESL tournaments, a tournament where they faced 8 of the best ESL players, 2 OGSeries “Copa Valkiria” tournaments, one DracoCup and the “Granada Gaming” tournament. This, combined with his outstanding performance in our clan, Team Queso, led us to choose him without any hesitation to join our official team.

2) Let’s talk now about Anthony, a Mexican player who rose from the bottom of our ranks to become a member of Team Queso. He is a player of the Mexican National Team, he has qualified for the WCL and has achieved great feats, such as upgrading the electro wizard to level 4 by playing its special launch Challenge, as well as being in the podium of a great amount of 1,000 participants tournaments.

3) PouLegion is another player from the clans of our family that was chosen to be a member of Team Queso due to his amazing skills. Winner of 2 ESL, he has obtained over 200,000 cards in challenge mode and has managed to be world’s number 1. For all these achievements and the role he has played until now we do not hesitate to announce him as an official player of Team Queso.

4) Moving on to Xerezano, a player of the Clash Royale Spanish National Team and semi-finalist of the WCL. He is the first Spanish player to reach 5,000 trophies being lvl 11. He is also the champion of one ESL. It’s worth noting his astounding performance in 15,000 cards tournaments, where he has managed to reach the podium several times. He is also one of the few Clash Royale players who has been able to open a 15,000 cards chest. Moreover, as member of the Spanish National Team, he managed to be a semi-finalist during the first Clash Royale world championship.

5) Hailing from the Netherlands, Mthja will be joining the roster of our team, Team Queso. Mthja stands out not only for the knowledge and skills that he acquired with us, but also due to his previous experience in the Clash Royale competitive scene. He was part of our clan Team Queso from the very first day and we are confident that he will be a great addition to our team, we hope to achieve many things together.

6) Besides the incorporation of these players from our ranks, we have also decided to add one more player: Varik0. He was one of the qualified player of the Mobile Challenge in Barcelona organised by the Liga de Videojuegos Profesional (Professional Videogames League). Undoubtedly a very well-known player in the Clash Royale community. This Spanish player comes from the team Muklash eSports, one of the lead teams in the Clash Royale competitive scene, where he acquired some valuable experience that makes of him an ideal player to bolster our roster and hopefully will bring a breath of fresh air to our team. Welcome!

By signing-up all these players, we sought to reward the commitment, dedication and improvements of our family members, while bringing at the same time “outsiders” who can be valuable to our team. Diversity, schedules and the relationship with the rest of our players were also fundamental in choosing these players, whom we welcome and hope to make them feel at home here.

See you in the Arena!

Team Queso