Having concluded the second week of the VGL, out of the 32 teams that started the tournament only 6 remain in the competition. The winners’ bracket went on without many surprises (except for Team Queso’s first-round debacle which will be discussed in more detail below), both L3oN’s team (Calamity Reborn) as well as Sn3aKy’s (Salty Potatoes) met people’s expectations and reached the finals, thus ensuring their spots in the next Challengers Battles that give access to Vainglory 8.

Four teams will be facing off against each other for the last spot; Team Queso (3), exceL (4), Audacity Gaming (8) and HystoricSports (22), that in spite of having the seed 22 managed to sneak through the winners’ bracket until they were defeated by Salty Potatoes. The most noticeable absence in these playoffs was that of Team Gravity. The seed 6 of the tournament had to withdraw early, so that’s one of the reasons that explains why HystoricSports has come so far in the competition, without detracting from their good performance in the tournament.

Team Queso, despite starting with the seed 3, was defeated against all odds in his first match against the seed 30. DarkGhost’s connection problems were a huge handicap. So much so that he could not even play the next game. An unexpected heavy blow that forced us to advance through the losers’ bracket, knowing that one more stumble would mean the definitive elimination from the competition. Since then, Wintex Sport, Team Midgets, Memento Mori, Infiltration T1 and VVaves have fallen against our team, thus Team Queso becomes the first Spanish team in history to reach the VGL Playoffs. Only two qualifiers remain to get the third spot that will give us the opportunity to enter the Vainglory 8. On the 11th of July, the losers’ bracket semi-finals against extraL (4) will take place. If our team manages to advance to the next round, we will have to play the next day against the winner of the Audacity Gaming vs HystoricSports match.



On the other hand, regarding the rest of the Spanish teams, only R3X managed to pass the first round through the winners’ bracket, but finally ended up falling against Calamity Reborn first and against Audacity Gaming later, being at the verge of the playoffs. In the losers’ bracket THN defeated the Spanish T9K Ultra and Team Minotaurs, but did not advance to the next round. The same thing happened to Wild Bulls, that eliminated Team Renaissance and 90 DEGREES, but could not beat Audacity Gaming. Next week will be the end of this split of the Vainglory League, where everything will come to a conclusion.

Will Team Queso make history and become the first Spanish team to qualify for the Challengers Battles? Let’s hope so!


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