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Elgato becomes a new sponsor of Team Queso after the one-year agreement reached between the two brands

Elgato is the leading supplier of hardware and software focused on content creators, providing the market with quality and accessible products that guarantee a more professional content of higher quality.

Elgato’s game capture products are a benchmark in the market with multiple high-quality capture card options such as the HD60 S+, as well as useful products such as Stream Deck, which facilitate and optimise everything related to content creation.

Team Queso, the Spanish eSports team founded in February 2017 by the Spanish YouTuber Alvaro845, is one of the main international eSports organisations. Team Queso strives to create the best content about both players and games and knows the importance and relevance of a good user experience.

The fact that both Alvaro845 and WithZack, two hugely successful content creators with a great deal of experience, are part of the team, brings a plus of know-how and moves the club towards choosing the best of the best in each category. 

The partnership between the two brands encompasses values of professionalism and quality that the two parties pursue both for themselves and for those they work with. Elgato will provide Team Queso and its players with equipment and will be present in both the club’s and players’ social networks as a  sponsor.

Elgato joins Telepizza, Razer and Lotto as main sponsors of Team Queso, which continues to grow in the eSports industry.