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Team Queso introduces a new coach for next season’s Clash Royale League


Matías Flores ‘Eelke’ is the one chosen to replace Termisfa and to be the coach of the Clash Royale starting team for the 2020 competitive season. Team Queso and Eelke have signed a one-year contract to cover the upcoming splits of the 2020 CRL. 


Eelke is 24 years old, hails from Mar de Plata, Argentina and has been a Clash Royale coach since December 2017. He has a vast knowledge of the game and its strategies and has been able to demonstrate it in all the editions of CRL as coach of Tribe Gaming. Now he joins Team Queso at a high point, eager to work and with a great deal of ambition. “I come ready to give my all and work showing what I’ve learned during this time”, says the new coach. 


He is an old acquaintance of the club, as he was already in charge of the youth team from the end of 2017 until March 2018, training and recruiting new talents. He then moved to Team Liquid’s academy, and later became the coach of Tribe Gaming, where he has been working until now. Today he returns to Team Queso and a new adventure lies ahead of him.


Knowing the values and ins and outs of the club, with ample experience in group and talent management, and as a proven CRL coach, Eelke is the perfect choice to take over the Team Queso team for the 2020 Clash Royale season. Fuyur, Sports Director is very clear:  “Eelke has participated in the CRL since the beginning of the first season, he knows the way Team Queso works and most importantly, he knows perfectly the current players of the team, maintaining an excellent relationship with all of them. We expect a lot from him”.


The club is working on its project for the 2020 CRL, and the signing of Eelke is the first step in a long road in which Team Queso intends to be once again a protagonist both in the Arena in Los Angeles and in social media with the usual quality content.


Stay tuned to the team’s social media for more content and information about Clash Royale and the other divisions and see you in the Arena!