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We say goodbye to two of the members of the Clash Royale team that became world champion in 2020 

Eelke, coach, and AlvaroGL, analyst, are leaving Team Queso after many unforgettable moments and achievements. And the one that tops them all, winning the Clash Royale world championship. 

It is with great regret that we say goodbye to them, after the changes introduced by Supercell in the competitive system of the game. Both have been instrumental in the development of our Clash Royale division and we wish them the best of luck. 

Eelke, Argentinian, was trained as a coach in Arena Quesito. He left in 2018 and, after working with other top-level teams, returned to the club in early 2020 with a single aim: to take Team Queso to the top. He is a well-known coach in the Clash Royale community and guided Rubén and the rest of the team to become world champions. 

AlvaroGL has been in the club since the very beginning. He has been helping our Clash Royale division with his analyses and has always been an integral part of it. They were rewarded for their years of effort when the team was crowned the 2020 Clash Royale world champion. AlvaroGL is undoubtedly a very important figure in the many successes achieved by Team Queso in Clash Royale. 

We hope that the two of them will find a place to continue developing their skills and we wish them all the luck in the world. Team Queso is and always will be your home. 

See you around!