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Double departure from the Fortnite division: Prisi0n3r0 and Naranj1t0

POSTED BY TeamQueso 15/01/2020

Team Queso announces that neither Prisi0n3r0 nor Naranj1t0 will remain with the club in the 2020 season and both are now free agents


The new year brings more changes and this time they concern the Fortnite division and two members who joined at the beginning of the division. For business reasons, neither Ramón ‘Prisi0n3r0’ Mateu nor Julio ‘Naranj1t0’ Cortés will remain with Team Queso this year and are already free agents.


Team Queso would like to thank both players for the time they have dedicated to the club, as well as their effort and commitment in the 2019 Fortnite project. Both players, together with Clynt and Echinocsis (shortly after replaced by Patata), joined Team Queso at the same time as the division itself was created and both have been crucial in its growth. 


During this time, they have become well-known in the Spanish Fortnite community, they are nowadays deemed to be an example to follow by many aspiring players who want to become professional Battle Royale players. Both Prisonero and Naranjito have left their mark in Team Queso and are among the best Fortnite players in Spain.


Prisonero’s highest point was when he qualified for the Fortnite World Cup. After Epic’s comings and goings, they finally announced the World Cup and Prisio placed second in Europe in solos after a fantastic performance in the first week of the qualifiers. Thanks to that he secured a spot in the World Cup in New York and a minimum of $50,000 in prizes. It was one of the best experiences of his life. The event was attended by the likes of Tfue, Mongraal, and the eventual winner, Bugha. Prisio finished the tournament placing 46th. 


Naranjito is considered by the whole community as one of the most mechanically gifted players, he has proved it countless times, proof of this is that he managed to qualify for the FCS squad finals in Europe, a competition organised by Epic similar to the World Cup. 


With the departure of the two, there are also some changes in the division, which will no longer be based at the Quesocasa, where it has been for over a year. Clynt, as coach, and the players, Urii and Alewar, will continue to operate from their respective homes and will give people plenty to talk about and achieve tons of success.


Once again, we would like to thank both Prisonero and Naranjito and wish them good luck in their future.