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The player will no longer be part of Team Queso’s roster for the CRL and leaves the club as a free agent

Javier Martínez, better known as Dark Angel, parts ways with Team Queso after an impressive journey that took him from Arena Quesito to participating in the CRL, where he has been able to achieve his goal of competing at the highest level in Clash Royale.

He started in Arena Quesito as soon as the Academy was created, back in October 2017, and from the very beginning both his skills and talent were evident. Arena Quesito dominated the local and regional competitions in which the team participated and much of the success was due to Dark Angel.

However, he had a more ambitious goal: competing in the CRL. With time, work and dedication, he first became part of the Superliga Orange squad that would later win the LVP, and he quickly got the opportunity to participate in the CRL representing Team Queso. Everything happened so fast that he didn’t even get to play during the final rounds of the SLO due to him having to travel to Los Angeles to compete in the spring split of the CRL 2019.

Dark has always stood out for his great talent and skills in-game, he has a vast knowledge of said game that has led him to be always, and successfully, very participative in any topic regarding team strategies and he also never hesitates to help his team-mates.

Throughout his career, Dark has achieved many titles from different events such as Liga Chispitas, RPL Europa, RPL Worlds and CTP with Arena Quesito, and a Superliga Orange and a third place in the CRL West with Team Queso.

Dark Angel is a player who has always been part of Team Queso. Ever since he joined Arena Quesito, he has always worked really hard to keep improving and becoming an even better player to be able to participate in the best competitions and achieve more titles for himself and the club.

Team Queso wishes to thank Dark Angel for his hard work and commitment to the club. In the words of Fuyur: “Dark is a clear example that hard work pays off and that some of the best players can also come from a youth academy. Rising through the ranks from Arena Quesito, he earned his place in the SLO and in less than a year managed to jump to the top competition in the CRL. We are very grateful to Javi for his work and effort and wish him all the best in the future”.

Thank you, Dark Angel!