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Our CS:GO division is experiencing the first changes of the year. Blastinho and Xikii will be leaving the team, Scarx and Zelin will replace them and Vicente will be joining as manager.

Team Queso opened the CS:GO division back in October, since then they have sought to grow and make a room for themselves in the competitive scene of Valve’s game. The initial squad was the team that competed as Team Zero. They came together, and together they competed until the ESL Masters finals.

The new year has just begun, and competitions are about to start again, players and clubs are looking to optimise their performance and Team Queso is no exception. We say goodbye to Miquel ‘Blastinho’ Llombart and Víctor ‘Xikii’ García, to whom we thank for their time as our players and wish them best of luck in their next projects.

On the other hand, we have announced the signing of Scarx, in addition to Zelin. They’re both already part of our family and they’re eager to begin working. Shhhack, Emenk and Arki will be their team-mates, they are also aware that after changes there is always a period of adaptation.

To assist them, we would also like to announce the incorporation of Vicente ‘SNK’ Sainz, who will be manager from now on of the CS:GO division. With ample experience in the game and in the competitive scene, Vicen will strengthen their confidence and will ensure that everything runs like clockwork: “Many thanks to Ali and Álvaro for the opportunity, I will give my all for the club, so we can achieve our goals. I’m really looking forward to showing what our CS:GO team is capable of”.

At the moment, the first official match after the changes went extremely well after beating Eu4ia 16-2 last Wednesday during the LVP match day.