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According to the investigation carried out by LVP, the players Shhhack, Scarx, Arki, Emenk and Sausol deliberately lost the match against Tenerife Titans and will be appropriately punished.

After analysing the evidence and concluding the investigation into the Superliga Orange CS:GO match that pitted Team Queso against Tenerife Titans on the 14th of May, LVP has determined that the players deliberately lost the match, thereby violating the competition’s code of conduct and damaging the integrity of the competition due to their unsporting behaviour.

LVP’s resolution releases Team Queso from any responsibility for what happened and punishes the players with 7 matches without being able to participate in any LVP competition. Since Team Queso lacks the necessary number of players to compete, the club will also be excluded from the playoffs.

Team Queso apologises to the entire community for what happened and proceeds to terminate the 5 players for disciplinary reasons since they have proven not to be aligned with the values and philosophy of the club. The club will not appeal LVP’s decision.