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The eSports convention in Málaga went extremely well for Team Queso after achieving many victories. It was also a unique experience where all the members of the team have enjoyed supporting each other

Last weekend, on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of July, the sixth edition of Gamepolis, a gaming convention where attendees could enjoy numerous eSports competitions and game stands open to the public, took place at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos in Málaga. More than 52,000 people attended the event over the weekend.

Team Queso’s presence was very noticeable during the three days the convention lasted thanks to both our stand and our performance on stage, where our players were constantly winning game after game. We participated in the Fortnite, Hearthstone, Arena of Valor and Clash Royale Opens, and also competed in the Clash Royale and Arena of Valor CTP finals.

What with our stand and the different locations where each tournament took place, our team-members didn’t have a moment of respite, competing, helping each other, keeping everyone up to date, etc. As a result, every member of the club felt the support at all times and we all shared the victories and defeats together.


The Fortnite Opens lasted for three days and consisted of three different Opens. The organisation of the tournament left something to be desired and, due to time constraints, the rules had to be changed on the fly. The number of rounds to be played each day had to be reduced and some groups did not even get to play any games one day.


We had Naranjito, Clynt, Echinocsis and Prisonero competing. Each of them was in a different group, so they never faced each other. Prisonero was the first to start and he also did it with his gameplay being broadcast on a huge screen. After him it was the turn of our other players and, little by little, over the course of three days they played their games. The four of them totalled 9 victories, being the second team with the most victories. These are the standings after counting all the points earned throughout the tournament, although some may not agree with the final results:


Hiki won the Hearthstone Open! New to the team, he was ecstatic after lifting the trophy. He was the strongest mentally and beat all his rivals while reaching the finals through the winners’ bracket.

Mircan achieved a great third place and we almost had the chance to behold a fratricide in the final while Mariodela got defeated in the first bracket after a flawless 6-0 during the Swiss rounds. The three of them did a great job boding well for Team Queso’s future in Hearthstone.

Arena of Valor

What a weekend! The boys from Arena of Valor have left us with unforgettable memories. This is the result of a few hardworking and talented peopole who trust eachother.

First, they were crowned champions of the AoV’s Connect To Play league, playing masterfully and without giving their opponents a chance. Ibustos, Ruiz, Javix, Barberá and The Noob entranced the audience with their strategies and teamfights and won the Champions Trophy much to the delight of the whole team.

As if that wasn’t enough, the next day they were back in action with the Arena of Valor Open, where they got relegated to the losers’ bracket but once again a winning streak took them to the finals, where perhaps the disadvantage of having to win twice got the better of them, and they ended up being unable to beat their opponents.

One tournament won and a second place after a great performance that amazed us all, both Team Queso members and eSports fans. Great job by Navalha, Samcro, Poti and Youtugamers.

Clash Royale

Our boys from Arena Quesito along with SaintBelkin made up Team Queso’s squad to compete in the Connect To Play finals, and they were able to lift the title as champions after a great comeback in the semi-finals vs Heretics and a convincing 3-1 in the finals against Baskonia. Rubén, Dark_Angel, Luisito and Iván Abuso didn’t disappoint and proved to be ready for elite competition.

Saint Belikin, whose performance was absolutely fantastic, won the Clash Royale Open against Rubén in the grand final. The English player was at his best all weekend and went all the way to the final through the winners’ bracket. Soking was our next player in the standings after placing fourth, while Cuchii Cuu and Beniju got defeated in previous rounds. It should be noted that the three of them got defeated by Rubén in a fantastic losers’ bracket.

It is also worth highlighting that during the games, those players who were not playing helped those that jumped into battle. In addition to the coaches Mad Raider, Juanjo and Termisfa, players like Soking, Cuchii Cuu and Beniju also supported their team-mates both sporting and morale wise.

Fan meeting

You also had the opportunity to come by our shop, where Alvaro845 was signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. All who qeued for a bit had the chance to say hi to the youtuber and founder of Team Queso.

Total success

The final result is more than positive. We have reached the finals of all the competitions in which we have participated, and our players captured all first positions, thus winning 4 titles:

-CTP Arena of Valor

-CTP Clash Royale

-Hearthstone Open

-Clash Royale Open

The greatest success of all was the bond we experienced as a team, the memories and the excitement we shared these days have created a stronger emotional tie between each member of the team. Our hopes to keep growing have done nothing but increase.

Many thanks to all of you for coming and supporting us, to Telepizza and Razer for being the best sponsors and to all the organisers of Gamepolis, who have made it possible for us all to enjoy a great event.