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Team Queso managed to win two out of the three matches of this intense week of competition in the Clash Royale League, thus keeping the first position

The second leg of the CRL has begun with a week full of matches and results. Team Queso lost the first of its three matches against G2 but recovered and got two victories in the other two against Fnatic and Misfits. We enter the last few games of the league and many teams are fighting for those playoff positions.

V G2

The match against G2 took place on Tuesday and things took a turn for the worse that day. Cuchii Cuu was the most brilliant of our players, he played the 1v1 perfectly and managed to beat Fei. Saint Belikin and Beniju had lost before the 2v2 and later on during the ‘King of the Hill’ Team Queso wuld only the score a point, as Kanario swept our team and achieved victory for his team. Belikin, who had won the fist game, got eliminated first and then Soking and Beniju.

At that moment G2 was close to Team Queso in the standings, but the results of the following days would take us two points away again.

V Fnatic

After two consecutive defeats against Liquid and G2, our players needed to return to the path of victory and the aim was to repeat the 6-0 of the first leg, now in the second one.

The concentration and even the resentment due to the previous match was tangible during the clash against Fnatic, it could be said that they paid the piper. First Cuchii Cuu and Anthony disguised themselves as Harry Potter and did some magic in the 2v2 to easily defeat Dion and Asuchini, and then Soking got back on track after defeating LemonTea in the 1v1.

V Misfits

The last match of the week took place on Friday against the bottom team. Despite its position, it is a dangerous team that has given some surprises already in this league.

Following the rotations, this time Soking and Anthony were in charge of the 2v2 and Beniju played the 1v1. The two sets ended up going in our favour after losing both first games and having to make a comeback. Both Anthony and Soking on one side and Beniju on the other, knew how to turn their games to achieve the final victory for Team Queso. Beni’s performance is worth mentioning, he had a very complicated game when he was losing 1-0 to Peppe and knew how to turn the tables thanks to his great skills.

A positive balance for this Super Week, Team Queso is still at the top of the table with 8 victories and 2 defeats, all our players are at their best, eager and with hunger for competition, and they hate to lose. Great work as always Termisfa and Mad Raider during this tough week of the competition.

The next match will be on Thursday the 4th of October at 21:00 CEST against Team Dignitas. Thank you very much for your unconditional support, we can feel it everywhere.

See you in the arena!