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Supercell finally has shared some news about the Clash Royale League, which will be played on-line and Team Queso will be among the teams participating.


Supercell has broken its silence and announced that the CRL will be taking place in May 2020. Originally, the tournament was scheduled for April, but it has been slightly delayed and the format has suffered some changes, going from being face-to-face in Los Angeles to on-line. 


According to the statement, Supercell will give more details about the competition but is expected to start around mid-May, and the tournament will last 5 to 7 weeks. They will also be working on how best to adjust it considering the second split in 2020 and subsequent World Championships, events about which there will be more information in the future, but which are planned. 


Team Queso has always had strong ties to Clash Royale and the CRL, and we confirm our participation in the next split of the CRL West. With Eelke as coach, you already know our roster, they are Beniju, Cuchii Cuu, Rubén and JP, the latest addition. Álvaro GL is still our analyst and Fuyur, the manager of the division, will be the one in charge. The team is already getting ready to give their all during the competition, win the CRL once again and qualify for the World Championship. 


As you know Team Queso and CRL have a special history, having won the trophy in 2018 and travelled to Japan for the Worldcup. Last year, in 2019, first split did not go as expected but for the summer split the team got back where it deserves and finally remained a few life points away from the Worldcup, with a final 3rd position. 


As for social media content, since the tournament will be on-line, Team Queso will make it so players are as close as possible to our fans and will provide, as always, tons of quality content related to the competition. 


We will have more news as time goes on, but don’t forget it, the biggest competition is back. Find here Supercell’s announcement.


We are CRL.