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Team Queso got its sixth win in the Clash Royale League after defeating Team Dignitas 2-0

There is one match left to finish the first leg of CRL and Team Queso is leading with a 6-0 score, followed by G2 with 4 wins. Getting the sixth point wasn’t easy, but our guys made it look that way.

The absence of Saint Belikin in Team Queso’s line-up surprised everyone, especially after his good performance in the previous match against SK Gaming. This meant that, for the second time in a row, Anthony played as a starter, and he did it in the 2v2.


Victory eluded him a few days ago but not this time as he got one point for Team Queso. His team-mate was Cuchii Cuu, on a fantastic winning streak. They chose to play Lavaloon and managed to overcome their opponents.

First against Golem and then a mirror game against Balloon and Lava Hound, our players cycled perfectly and defended themselves successfully against each offensive from MaxLaMenace and Juanka until they secured the games. Once again, the 2v2 favours Team Queso and first match ball in the 1v1.

The return of Soking

The tupé came back after sitting out the last match and had a chance to do it triumphantly by beating iAmJP.

First, he used a Miner control deck with Poison, just the way he likes it. On the other side, Lava Hounds and Balloons approached menacingly but Soking defended well and little by little his miner destroyed JP’s tower.

A second intense game. Both with Royal Hogs, attack after attack, fast defences and even quicker decisions. As soon as one offensive ended, another one started from the opposite side.

Soking knew he had to win and it was noticeable, getting on top of the game, defending better and always leading in tower damage. Everyone saw in the way he celebrated his triumph how important it is to win every match of this CRL.

Team Queso, which didn’t need the participation of Beniju in this match, keeps its winning streak. Who can defeat them? Team Liquid will be the next to try, but it won’t be easy for them, Termisfa and Mad Raider will make sure of that.

As always, great work. Beniju, Saint Belikin, Soking, Cuchii Cuu, Anthony, and the coaches Termis and Mad. We’ll see you on Thursday at 22:00 CEST!